Pressure Washer MagPressure washers are very efficient when it comes to deep cleaning objects, as they will deeply penetrate embedded dirt – that’s why we have decided to offer you more information on these units. We have classified pressure washers in four types that you may choose based on your own preferences.

We will bring you information about all kinds of pressure washers, as well as a blog with relevant information and tips. So let us introduce you into pressure washing – or if you were already a fan, we will let you dive even deeper into the process.

1. Electric Pressure Washers

Electric Pressure WashersElectric pressure washers represent a very popular option, as they tend to be very lightweight and not as troublesome to handle as other models. These units only need a plug that you have to connect – thus, you will not have to worry about filling gas tanks or undergoing any troublesome maintenance. Since the design of an electric pressure washer is not as complicated as that of a gas model, the maintenance should be minimal or nonexistent.

These pressure washers are generally suitable for cleaning tasks around the household. For instance, if you have PVC layers outside your house or a car that needs to be regularly cleaned, an electric power washer will be something very efficient to have around. It might be restrictive, as it will keep you very close to an electric outlet – but as long as you purchase an extension to the power outlet, then you should be able to easily clean through your yard.

An electric-powered washer is also a quieter option compared to other models. Therefore, if you have neighbors that do not like your pressure washing sessions because of the noise, then you might want to invest in one of these units. Check out our electric pressure washer reviews for more detail.

2. Gas Pressure Washers

Gas Pressure WashersGas pressure washers have a fairly good advantage over electric units: they may throw a very good punch. They clean every surface very fast – and this is mostly because they have a higher PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute). Such a machine is generally used for heavy-duty cleaning or stains that are more difficult to take out.

The advantage of these pressure washers is that you are not contained to a single work area – and you do not have to keep a power outlet near you. Since gas models have a tank in which you add fuel, you can take this anywhere you want as long as you have a water source nearby.

These units may not be among the most lightweight or quiet units – but they are certainly the most efficient. What they lack in portability, they make up for it in terms of power. However, you can buy a more portable option if you look for models with sturdy wheels. This way, even if you need to go longer distances, you will just have to push the gas device – not carry it. If you need a top-rated gas pressure washer, we can offer you some great suggestions that we have tested ourselves.

3. Portable Pressure Washers

Portable Pressure WashersWhen it comes to pressure washers, we tend to find many units that are quite heavy. However, you may find some lightweight models that had portability in mind when they were created. This way, you could easily carry them from point A to point B without being bothered by the weight – and you may also store them with greater ease.

Portable units have a slightly smaller power compared to full-sized units – but that’s because the more powerful a washer is, the heavier it tends to get. This is why, in order to make these devices more portable, the GPM and PSI have been reduced to a smaller power. Even though they do not reach a commercial strength, they are still strong enough to handle light (and sometimes medium) duty work around the house.

Aside from being lightweight in general, some units have received aiding attachments. Most of them will have wheels, so that you may easily pull them around. Also, some will have handles – and a hand-held pressure washer is generally the perfect choice if the terrain is not suitable for wheels. We have a fairly wide array of portable power washer reviews if you are interested.

4. Commercial Pressure Washers

Commercial Pressure WashersIf you expect to do a lot of heavy-duty cleaning, then you might want to go for a commercial unit. Such a machine will have a much higher cleaning power, making it a suitable choice when you have to tackle difficult stains. They can help you get rid of grease stains – even more so if you choose a unit with different temperature settings.

These units are also great when you have to do continuous cleaning (e.g. a car washing business that will require continuous operation). Since they have stronger motors, the chances of these units overheating are fairly low. They also have a fair number of safety features to ensure that neither you nor the unit is exposed to any damage.

Commercial units are heavy – but in order to increase their portability, they generally have wheels. Depending on your preferences, you may choose between gas and electric units – and we have just the right information in our commercial pressure washer reviews for you on that.

5. Blog Area

Aside from buying the pressure washers, you also need to do as much research as you can in regard to these units. On our blog, you may read about various aspects, such as winterizing the pressure washer, troubleshooting, or how to use or maintain it. The blog is updating continuously, so there will always be more blog topics to come.

Let’s Go!

Pressure washers, regardless of their size and type, are a great option if you want to give a deep clean to any objects or surfaces, and also, they are fun! If you are looking for a good pressure washer, you may read our full reviews on certain products that we have tested ourselves.