Getting your outdoors (or indoors) clean is never an easy process. In most cases, people use a standard garden hose – but considering that these hoses barely have any pressure, they end up using a standard brush to take out the grime. Depending on the level of dirt, this process might take quite some time – even most of the entire day. And since no one likes wasting precious time, it was very convenient when the first pressure washer came through.

Pressure washers are time-savers, particularly when time is of the essence. However, finding a good pressure washer is certainly not easy – particularly when you do not know exactly what you are looking for. There are so many terms that are difficult to understand for beginners – so many technicalities, it can get confusing at some point.

Different surfaces will need different pressure washers – and using the wrong one may actually damage the surface. The nozzle you use, the pressure you select – even the pump type can make a difference. Furthermore, considering that pressure washers come with an array of unique features, you need to determine which one is most suitable for your purposes. This is exactly where we step in.

Our Mission

Our purpose here is to be your guide – to offer you buying guides and reviews so that you can find the most suitable unit for your purposes. We want to offer unbiased opinions, containing both advantages and disadvantages so that you may properly weigh them. This is why we do thorough research and provide detailed articles over every feature that might prove of interest to you.

With our guides, you should easily be able to avoid mistakes that can cost you a small fortune. Plus, doing research on your own can be very time consuming – which is why we decided to do all the grunt work for you. This way, you can choose the best pressure washer for your needs – and you will not buy one that will sit unused in the corner of your garage.

As trivial as it might seem right now, it is important that you arm yourself with knowledge before making a purchase. These units are quite complex – and have a lot more than meets the eye. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a pressure washer that will be underused (or pay too little on a unit that is practically useless), then you should collect as much information as you can.

Luckily for you, we did that in your stead on Pressure Washer Mag. If you need any help when it comes to choosing a good pressure washer, do not hesitate to contact us for advice.