8 Best Commercial Pressure Washers – Reviews & Guide 2022

f you have professional cleaning to do, then the best commercial pressure washer should be something worth investing in. Pressure washers are essential when it comes to cleaning larger surfaces. They can do much better work and handle heavy-duty tasks compared to a standard, consumer model. But how do you choose a good model? Well, that’s fairly simple.

Once you understand what you are planning to use it for, you should be able to determine the features that you need for it as well. Commercial washers come in various shapes and sizes, so you have to be extra careful. To make things easier, check out the commercial pressure washer reviews. This way, you may choose the unit that suits your purposes the most. Let’s jump right into it!

SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240 PowerShot Commercial Pressure Washer

SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240 PowerShot Commercial Pressure Washer

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 3.5
  • Weight: 141 pounds
  • Power: Gas
  • Pressure: 4200 psi
  • GPM: 4 gallons
  • Cleaning Power: 16800
  • Warranty: 10 years
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SIMPSON Cleaning ALH4240

  • Price: $$$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.0
  • Weight: 128 pounds
  • Power: Gas
  • Pressure: 4200 psi
  • GPM: 4 gallons
  • Cleaning Power: 16800
  • Warranty: 10 year
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Generac 6565 Commercial Pressure Washer

Generac 6565 Commercial Pressure Washer

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 3.8
  • Weight: 146.5 pounds
  • Power: Gas
  • Pressure: 4200 psi
  • GPM: 4 gallons
  • Cleaning Power: 16800
  • Warranty: 3 year
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Sun Joe SPX9009-PRO

Sun Joe SPX9009-PRO Commercial Pressure Washer

  • Price: $
  • Customer Rating: 3.1
  • Weight: 62.4 pounds
  • Power: Electric
  • Pressure: 1800 psi
  • GPM: 1.6 gallons
  • Cleaning Power: 2880
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Annovi Reverberi AR630TSS-HOT

Annovi Reverberi AR630TSS-HOT Commercial Pressure Washer

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.0
  • Weight: 69 pounds
  • Power: Electric
  • Pressure: 1900 psi
  • GPM: 2.1 gallons
  • Cleaning Power: 3990
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Kranzle USA K1122TST Cold Water Electric Commercial Pressure Washer

Kranzle USA K1122TST Cold Water Commercial Pressure Washer

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.7
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Power: Electric
  • Pressure: 1400 psi
  • GPM: 2 gallons
  • Cleaning Power: 2800
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Easy-Kleen IS7040G Industrial Cold Water Gas Pressure Washer

Easy-Kleen IS7040G Industrial Cold Water Pressure Washer

  • Price: $$$$$
  • Customer Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 600 pounds
  • Power: Gas
  • Pressure: 7000 psi
  • GPM: 4 gallons
  • Cleaning Power: 28000
  • Warranty: Depends to seller
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Lifan 4515 Elite Series Hydro Pro Commercial Pressure Washer

Lifan 4515 Elite Series Hydro Pro Commercial Pressure Washer

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: N/A
  • Weight: 130 pounds
  • Power: Gas
  • Pressure: 4500 psi
  • GPM: 4 gallons
  • Cleaning Power: 18000
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Best Commercial Pressure Washers Reviews

1. SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240 PowerShot Commercial Pressure Washer

SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240 PowerShot Commercial Pressure WasherThose looking for a sturdy commercial pressure washer might come to appreciate this unit. Made for consumers and professionals alike, this device with a HONDA GX390 engine with oil alert will provide the deep cleaning that you need.

This pressure washer features a AAA Industrial triplex plunger pump that has also been equipped with PowerBoost technology. This means that even if you are dealing with some fairly stubborn dirt, this unit should be able to remove it with ease.

At 141 lbs., the Simpson is not among the easiest professional pressure washers – but it is not the heaviest either. Plus, with a 4200 PSI and a 4.0 GPM, it also offers superior performance. No matter if you want to clean vehicles, driveways, or patios, the unit should be able to withstand heavy use.

This model also features a 50-inch long Monster hose that is 3.8 inches wide. Not only does it have superior water pressure, but it can also reach a long distance.


  • High 4200 PSI rating
  • A powerful engine that runs for long periods of time
  • It is easy to start
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty


  • It may be difficult to transport
  • The hose can be difficult to connect

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2. SIMPSON Cleaning ALH4240

SIMPSON Cleaning ALH4240If you are looking for a powerful and reliable pressure commercial pressure washer to help you deal with all sorts of filth and dirt around the year, this SIMPSON might just be the one for you. It has a cubic, slightly upward design, and the whole body is mounted on an aircraft grade aluminum frame which is known to be durable and somewhat lightweight. On the sides of the frame, there are two 13-inch pneumatic wheels that can help you maneuver around the yard with ease. Though, you will have to inflate them every now and again.
Now, when it comes to power that this pressure washer can exert, we are talking a about 4200 PSI at 4 GPM, meaning that the total cleaning power of this commercial pressure washer clocks at 16,000. This is more than enough to tackle even the sturdiest of stains. The cleaning power is provided via the Honda GX390 engine, that is famous for its long-lasting performance.


  • This pressure washer exerts a lot of cleaning power, capping at 16,000 CP units, which is considered above average
  • The frame that carries the engine is made of aircraft grade aluminum known for durability
  • The additional quick-connect nozzles allow you to adapt the cleaner to the task at hand


  • Due to all the power provided by the engine, this pressure washer model is a bit louder than average
  • The tires are pneumatic, which is excellent for maneuvering around the yard, but will require you to inflate them every once in a while.

3. Generac 6565 Commercial Pressure Washer

Generac 6565 Commercial Pressure WasherIf you wish to power-wash your deck or any relatively large surface or object, then you might find great use in this commercial power washer. With a 4200 PSI and a 4.0 GPM, the pressure is good, and it will allow you to deep clean any surface in a timely manner.

Featuring a 420cc Generac OHV engine, this unit is not only powerful but also durable. It is a reliable cleaner even if you have to clean for long amounts of time. The Pro-grade Triplex pump also adds to that durability, since it has a life four times longer than standard axial cam pumps.

This gas commercial pressure washer features a low-oil shutdown sensor, which will safeguard the engine and prevent it from overheating. Plus, in the event of a malfunction, you have a 3-year warranty to rely on.

The unit comes equipped with a 20-foot hose and 5 quick-click nozzle tips that are easy to attach: 0 inches, 15 inches, 25 inches, 40 inches, and a soap applicator. Its oversized pneumatic tires also offer superior mobility.


  • The shutdown sensor protects the engine from overheating
  • Oversized pneumatic tires that provide better mobility
  • A powerful engine that delivers maximum performance
  • The hose can reach a long distance


  • You cannot lower the pressure more than 3600 PSI
  • The sprayer is fragile

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4. Sun Joe SPX9009-PRO Commercial Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX9009-PROIf you are looking for a commercial pressure washer with a smaller power but which was meant to last, then this Sun Joe device should be definitely up your alley. It is perfect for a wide variety of cleaning tasks, such as the patio, a carpet, the deck, and so on.

The unit is built on a sturdy steel frame that also features a standard 2-wheel system. Not only is it quite sturdy, but it is also very easy to move around. Considering that the unit only weighs 62 pounds, it is also simple to carry it from one point to the other.

This unit is electric – which means that it works on a plug-and-play system. This is very good if want to keep the job next to the house and the electrical outlet – but can be pretty troublesome if you wish to take it in a more remote area. To choose between models, you might want to find the difference between a gas-powered and an electric-powered commercial pressure washer.

The washer comes with the standard nozzles that you would expect in a commercial unit. Plus, the quick-connect nozzle can be used on stains that are particularly difficult to take off.


  • It has a quiet action
  • It is simple to use and carry
  • The soap nozzle is very useful when it comes to difficult stains
  • It is perfect for sensitive surfaces


  • The engine is not particularly strong
  • The hose may get stuck in the hose reel

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5. Annovi Reverberi AR630TSS-HOT Commercial Pressure Washer

Annovi Reverberi AR630TSS-HOTThis unit is quite different from most standard models, in the sense that it does not come equipped with wheels. Instead, it is intended to be mounted on a wall or be placed on a work surface. Since the total weight of this unit is only 69 pounds, it may be easily carried around.

Despite its size, this one can allow you to use hot water when you are pressure-washing. The water temperature can go up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the perfect choice if you want to wash something of a more sensitive nature – for example, a carpet.

The pressure washer is equipped with an extendable spray wand that allows you to change the water spraying angle. This way, you can reach even the more problematic areas, without having to overexert yourself.


  • The water temperature can be raised fairly high
  • It features a lot of cleaning power for its design type and size
  • The adjustable head of the spray wand allows you to reach awkward areas


  • The special design requires for a more unique setup
  • The power can seem low to some

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6. Kranzle USA K1122TST Cold Water Commercial Pressure Washer

Kranzle USA K1122TST Cold Water Electric Commercial Pressure WasherThose looking for a particularly versatile pressure washer might find this one highly convenient. With a pressure of 1400 pounds per square inch, this device can tackle both sensitive and hard surfaces. Therefore, even if you have to clean a deck, a rug, or your car, you can easily use this commercial washer. Plus, the 50-foot hose is very efficient when you need to reach far in your yard.

Featuring a vertical frame with two wheels at the bottom, storage is not particularly an issue with this one. It may easily be stored in a small space – and considering that it only weighs around 80 pounds, it won’t be difficult in the slightest.

This pressure washer has an adaptable motor that is very powerful and that can be used on any outlet or socket. It will support the device with power, without causing any interruptions. It may not be the strongest unit out there, but it can certainly get a job well done.


  • The motor is adaptable to any outlet or socket
  • The pressure washer can work for hours without any breaks
  • The long 50-foot hose that can reach far in the yard.


  • Fairly low power
  • It does not have quick-change nozzles included

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7. Easy-Kleen IS7040G Industrial Cold Water Pressure Washer

Easy-Kleen IS7040G Industrial Cold Water Gas Pressure WasherThis unit will have a pressure that will be hard for you to find on any other commercial pressure washer – and that is raw power. It is among one of the most powerful units that you can try, with one of the longest life spans.

The design for the Easy-Kleen is purely industrial, making itself noticed through its orange finish. The unit is also very heavy, weighing over 300 pounds – but at the same time, it is one that can provide superior industrial power. Delivering a total of 7000 pounds per square inch at 4 gallons per minute, this unit is meant for heavy-duty work.

This pressure washer titan is supported by a full steel frame, and it features a 4-wheel system that will help you maneuver the unit better. Plus, despite the fact that it has industrial robustness, this washer can support the usage of cleaning agents and soaps.


  • Sturdy industrial-grade commercial washer with a high cleaning power
  • It supports cleaning agents and soaps, despite its robustness
  • It comes with a 50-foot long hose that can reach the farthest distances


  • The unit is quite expensive
  • The size and weight of the model make it generally suitable only for large spaces

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8. Lifan 4515 Elite Series Hydro Pro Commercial Pressure Washer

Lifan 4515 Elite Series Hydro Pro Commercial Pressure WasherThose looking for something capable of delivering industrial-grade performance may learn to appreciate this unit. From the very start, you will notice that its design is robust, yet quite modern. The machine itself is placed on a sturdy steel frame with a 2-wheel system.

Most people would say that since it weighs 130 pounds, the commercial pressure washer is difficult to move around. Granted, it may not be easy to lift and carry – but the stand and the wide wheels make it easy for the users to transport it from one point to the other.

Featuring a 420cc 4-stroke OHV gasoline engine, this unit can exert a pressure of 4200 pounds per square inch – making it stronger than your average professional pressure washer. Plus, along with the unit, you’ll get a 50-foot steel braided hose that will allow you to reach even the awkward areas.


  • It comes with a great size-to-power ratio, providing industrial strength even at 130 pounds
  • Durable stainless-steel cage and wheel system
  • The auto-shutdown feature protects it from when the unit runs low on gas or oil


  • The unit is very loud compared to other pressure washers
  • The industrial strength is pricey

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Commercial Pressure Washer Uses

Best Commercial Pressure WasherProfessional power washers can have a variety of uses – provided you learn exactly what they are and what you want to do with them. Needless to say, they are used for cleaning – but depending on their size and power, the cleaning object may differ from one unit to another. You just need to properly understand the basics in order to learn how to use a pressure washer.

1. What Is a Commercial Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer (also known as a power washer) is a unit that makes use of pressurized water in order to clean various objects or areas. If you want to imagine the system with more ease, think about the standard garden hose – but a lot more powerful.

Simply put, the pressure that these units use will allow you to tackle dirt that is difficult to remove. Commercial pressure washers can deal with a fair amount of dirt – particularly if you choose a relatively powerful one. With today’s selection of these units, it shouldn’t be that difficult to find one that suits your purposes.

2. What Can You Use a Commercial Pressure Washer For?

A commercial power washer is like a very powerful hose that you may use for a variety of purposes. You can use it to wash off mold, mud, dust, and practically all types of dirt found around the house or your work area. If you have a particularly troublesome task that cannot be handled by a garden hose, then you might want to go for a pressure washer instead.

No matter if you are a shop owner or not, a commercial power washer can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

2.1 Yards

Backyards and front yards are likely the first things anyone thinks about when it comes to commercial pressure washers. These units excel when it comes to spring cleaning, particularly when you have a lot of residual waste from last year’s rains and snows.

2.2 Buildings

Aside from yards, buildings are also some of the most common targets for commercial pressure cleaners. Bear in mind that these will take professional workers, and a unit that has to be equipped with a relatively long hose – one that can reach the distance that you require it to.

2.3 Boats and cars

Another common use for professional power washers is to use them for boats and cars. Most of the time, these units are used to clean boats, as they are not prone to water damage – but adjustable pressure will also allow you to easily clean your car.

2.4 Stables, decks, and other outdoor surfaces

An outdoor surface can be a great inconvenience to clean. These types of surfaces are generally very large and very dirty – which is why a standard garden hose won’t help you get the job done in optimal time. This is why a commercial pressure washer can be very helpful in this respect.

3. Commercial vs. Residential Pressure Washers

Commercial Pressure Washer ReviewsPerhaps one of the most important things that you’ll want to think about is whether you need a commercial pressure washer or a residential unit. Many people live under the impression that cleaning is cleaning – and that there is no actual difference between the two. However, while the process for both of them may be similar, there are still some differences to consider. Here is how they tend to vary:

  • Power Capacity: Residential washers have a relatively low water pressure capacity, whereas the commercial units PSI can go quite high.
  • Water Temperature: A residential power washer will generally work using cold water. However, a commercial power washer can range between various temperatures, depending on what you need.
  • Longevity: A residential pressure washer is generally much smaller in size, but it is also made with a generic plastic or metal body. On the other hand, professional pressure washers will have bodies made from sturdy anti-corrosive alloy, which will make them more durable.
  • Safety: A commercial pressure washer will generally have the option to automatically shut down when the power is running low. This is not a feature that is present in most residential washers.
  • Productivity: A commercial pressure washer will generally be able to cover a larger cleaning area compared to a residential unit.
  • Operability: Depending on the pressure washer, it can be operated either by gas or electricity. Commercial pressure washers can be found in both gas and electric options (although gas is most common), whereas for residential purposes, electric is the most common alternative.
  • Workability: Commercial pressure washers are generally larger and will need a longer water hose with extra nozzle sizes. Similarly, a commercial pressure washer will heat up the water much faster than a residential washer will.

The main thing to remember is that a commercial pressure washer is generally much stronger than a residential one. This is why these units are usually not recommended when it comes to more sensitive objects.

Electric vs. Gas Powered Commercial Pressure Washers

When it comes to which one is better between gas-powered and electric-powered pressure washers, the answer for that may vary depending on the person. There are some people who will say that gas-powered units are the only investments worth-made, whereas others will swear over the fact that the best electric pressure washer is the most convenient.

There’s no straightforward answer to which one is best. However, there are a few ways to determine whether you’d benefit more from a gas model or an electric one.

1. Electric Commercial Washers

Electric Commercial WashersThere are a series of pros and cons that you may experience with electric commercial washers. One advantage is that they can be very powerful. Depending on the pressure washer that you choose, some models can go even as high as 2000 PSI. They can clean everything in sight – all while remaining very quiet.

Electric washers are perfect for cleaning smaller areas such as your car, your bike, your pool area, or the backyard pathway. They also have several attachments to make them even more powerful. Even though they have various functions, they are still portable and lightweight, which is a big plus.

Many people prefer going for electric units simply because they are low maintenance. You do not have to buy oil, you are not required to change any major parts – and generally speaking, once you pay for the unit, you are done with it.

They are also cheaper in price in comparison to gas-powered units. Plus, considering that you will not have to pay for gas, this further on makes the investment even better. However, they are short-lived when it comes to quality – with the gas models tending to have a relatively long life.

One potential drawback that might affect the way you use the pressure washer is the electric cord limit. If you plan on keeping the job close to your home, near a power supply, then this unit type is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you want to take it farther – in a place where you cannot easily reach a power source – then you might want to reconsider and go for our gas pressure washer reviews instead.

2. Gas Commercial Washers

One of the things that people love the most about gas commercial washers is that they do not require an electric cord – which means you may easily take this unit anywhere you want. Typically, these devices are very heavy – still, they have been adapted for easy transport. Most of these units have been equipped with wheels so that the portability is improved.

Unlike electric commercial washers, these products may need quite a lot of maintenance. However, if you do regular checks on the washer, it will last for many years – longer than the average electric washer ever will.

On average, a gas washer is more powerful than an electric one. A high-end industrial washer can have as much as 4500 PSI – while being efficient for commercial and residential use. This is because these units allow you to adjust the pressure in a way that is convenient for you.

Compared to electric commercial washers, the gas models are fairly expensive. Plus, you need to bear in mind that you will have to spend money on gas, oil, detergents, and many other things. It might require quite an investment on your part.

However, the advantage is that along with the hefty price, you also get a high quality that can last for ages. While most electric commercial washers might require you to use the warranty, the gas ones should last way beyond that.

Both units can be very useful for anyone, depending on how and when you are planning to use them. If you want to learn more about both types, you can also visit our home page.

Hot Water vs. Cold Water Commercial Pressure Washers

After deciding whether you want a gas-powered or an electric-powered professional pressure washer, you have to consider yet another classification: whether you want a hot water model or a cold water one. Apart from the temperature that they have, there are several aspects that you might need to consider.

1. Hot Water Commercial Washers

Hot Water Commercial WashersHere is an example that might help you understand why hot water pressure washers are such a convenient solution: when you do the dishes, you generally use hot water to wash away the grease more easily. Coldwater with detergent might also help – but it may not be as effective as it is with hot water.

The same thing applies to hot water pressure washers. When you have to clean things that are particularly greasy, you might want to go for such a commercial pressure washer. This is because water that was heated beyond 200 degrees Fahrenheit has the ability to break the oil on the molecular level. Thanks to this, and with the help of some soap, you should be able to clean greasy surfaces much faster.

That being said, pressure washers with adjustable temperatures might be rather expensive. After all, this is an “extra feature” that you will have to pay for. They are also big and bulky, due to their more complex design.

2. Cold Water Commercial Washers

Compared to hot water pressure washers, cold water units are not as expensive – mainly because they work on a relatively basic system. They have a much simpler construction compared to their hot water counterparts – particularly if you go for an electric model.

Since they do not have the water heating system that makes hot water units so bulky, the cold water ones are more lightweight and compact. This makes them much easier to carry around if you require something with more portability.

The pressurized jet of a cold water pressure washer is generally enough to get rid of most types of dirt (such as mud or dust and the like), but it is generally not as efficient when it comes to greasy stains. The use of detergent can help – still, depending on how dirty things are, such a unit may not be able to help your cleaning tasks.

Direct Drive vs. Belt Drive Pumps

One more common issue that arises when it comes to these commercial units is whether you should go for a belt drive or a direct drive power washer. Both of them have their own benefits and strengths – and based on their features, you should choose the one that is most suitable for your own purposes.

1. Belt Drive Commercial Washers

The pump of a belt-drive pressure washer will function on a gear reduction pulley system. This means that the pumps will turn at lower revolutions per minute (RPM) compared to a direct drive unit. Heat and vibration will be reduced, which means that the wear and tear that is associated with consistent use will also be prevented.

This is why most commercial units function on a belt-drive system. They hold up well over time, and they are also appropriate for consistent use. They have longer life spans on average, low operating temperatures, and also feature vibration absorption. They are the least likely type to overheat if they are used for a prolonged amount of time.

The problem is that while the belt will last for several years, it will still eventually need to be replaced. If you don’t, you might end up with a low performance on the unit.

2. Direct Drive Commercial Washers

When it comes to a direct-drive pressure washer, the pump connects to the engine directly, without the use of any belt. This means that the pump RPM will be virtually the same as the RPM of the engine.

Due to their construction, direct-drive units are usually more compact – which means that it is easy for you to carry them from one point to another. They also easy to store, but this depends on the size and power that you choose.

The issue with these commercial power washers is that they may not be as durable. Since the pumps will be spinning at the same speed as the engine, they are more prone to wear and tear – particularly if you use the unit often.

However, they represent a good option if you do not plan to use the power washer that often. If it’s just for casual use, it can last you for quite a length of time. Plus, considering that these kinds of washers are not as expensive, you can say that you have made a good investment.

Best Professional Pressure Washer Buying Guide

Each commercial pressure washer is unique in its own way, which is why you should carefully consider some aspects of great importance. Nowadays, there are various models that are very similar when it comes to their looks – but in regard to their functionality, they could not be any more different.

1. Strength and Cleaning Power

Best Professional Pressure Washer Buying GuideWhen considering the strength and cleaning power of the commercial pressure washer, there are two things that you might want to keep in mind: the PSI (pounds per square inch), the volts (for electric engines), and the horsepower (for gas).

A gas engine is usually measured by its size, in cubic centimeters (cc). Recently, horsepower measurement has been forgone – and people simply use the size. For instance, an engine with 10 horsepower will have 200+ cc and a PSI that is well over 3000.

The PSI stands for the water pressure – which means that a high PSI will be able to tackle even the more difficult jobs (for example, cleaning construction gear or stripping paint).

2. Portability

Every commercial pressure washer will generally come with a hose – but even so, you may want to consider the actual weight of the unit. Some weigh as little as 40 pounds – whereas others can go past 300. If you only need it to clean every now and again or want to move the unit, then a large and bulky item might prove to be quite the hassle.

You might also want to take a closer look at the transport system. For instance, if you plan to move the unit from one place to another, you may want to make sure that is has been equipped with wheels. Depending on the portable pressure device, it might have 2 or 4 wheels – but make sure that they are sturdy.

3. Frame

The frame is a very important aspect that you might want to consider. Not only will it determine the durability of the pressure washer, but it will also have a say about its reliability. When it comes to commercial pressure washers, make sure that you go for something heavy-duty that will not break under pressure.

3.1 Build frame

If the commercial pressure washer features some heavy parts, it would most likely be supported by a frame made of heavy-duty steel. These frames are great for support – no matter if it is for carrying or protecting the motor. Granted, a large frame will take up a fair amount of space, but it will usually be shaped to be stored in tight spaces.

3.2 Frame orientation

Commercial pressure washers come in two common build orientations: horizontal and vertical. An upright version can easily be stored, particularly if you have a small storage room resembling a garage. A rectangular model, on the other hand, will have a lower profile – but will also take more floor space. They represent the ideal choice if you want to place them underneath a work station or a desk.

4. Storage

It might sound like a good idea to get a powerful and mighty pressure washer – but think about where you are planning to store it as well. These units are meant to last – but if you leave them to the mercy of the elements outside, they might not be quite as durable anymore. Make sure that if you make the purchase, you have a well-sheltered place to store it.

5. Hose Tips

A commercial pressure washer will use a hose to which you connect hose tips (or nozzles). Most commonly, you will find 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree, and Soap. A 0-degree hose tip is very narrow, so the water pressure will only come out in a relatively small area. As the degree gets higher, the area will expand – which is why the 40-degree model will look pretty much like a fan. The nozzles with a higher degree number are usually the ideal choice when it comes to cleaning delicate objects.

6. Additional Features and Versatility

Each commercial pressure washer might come with additional features to further improve their versatility. The more features it has, the more efficient it may be. Bear in mind that each “extra” may bring additional weight or bulkiness to the unit – so, make sure that you are still comfortable with that.

When it comes to additional features, you are most likely to come across spray wands, auto shut-off features, adjustable pressure gauges, soap tanks, and spray nozzles. You should think about which feature/s would benefit you the most before making the purchase.

FAQ About Heavy-Duty Pressure Washers

1. Can My Commercial Pressure Washer Be Used Indoors?

This depends on the unit. For example, a powerful gas model cannot be used indoors, since it will release exhaust gas. This gas will contain carbon monoxide, which can be very dangerous when inhaled. An electric unit won’t release this gas, but you still need to have enough room so the place can cool.

2. Will a Heavy Duty Commercial Washer Damage My Car?

If you use the correct nozzle and stay at an appropriate distance from your car while washing it, then no harm should be done. Ideally, you should use a 25-degree nozzle and step 2 feet away from your car. If you feel like even that distance is too big, you should put even more distance between you and the car or lower the PSI of your commercial pressure washer.

3. Can a Commercial Pressure Washer Damage the Paint on a Wood or Metal Surface?

Yes, it certainly can – but only if you do not handle the unit correctly. If you set the pressure washer at high pressure, it will “clean” the object of everything – even paint. However, if the PSI is low, then the paint should not be harmed. Regardless of what the surface is, commercial pressure washer damages are causing by missing knowledge of the users.

4. Can I Use Bleach with a Commercial Pressure Washer?

No. while detergent tanks are fine with certain cleaning solutions, substances such as bleach should not be run through them. Indeed, bleach is effective when it comes to killing mildew and mold. Still, at the same time, it can corrode through your pump’s seals. This will damage your commercial pressure washer and render it useless – and you most certainly don’t want that.

5. Will Commercial Pressure Washers Damage My Carpets If I Try to Wash Them?

This will once more depend on the PSI adjustability of your unit. For instance, if you use the maximum power of a 4200 PSI unit for your rug, there is a high chance that it will be damaged. On the other hand, if the PSI of your unit can be lowered to a 100-150 PSI, then it will be safe for rugs as well.

6. Do I Have to Drain the Oil and Fuel Before Storing My Washer?

Yes. Many people make the mistake of leaving the oil and fuel inside the engine – but keep in mind that fuel is organic – thus, it can go badly very fast. If you are not planning to use the washer for a while, you should drain both the oil and the fuel so that there won’t be any damage to the engine head. You might also want to ensure that the storage is somewhere dry and safe.

7. Can I Use Rain or Lake Water with My Pressure Washer?

You certainly should not do that. Rainwater, as well as lake water, can be packed with a lot of debris. If this gets into your pressure washer, the debris can clog your pump and shorten its life. This is why you should avoid using water from a stationary source.

Wrap Up

Commercial pressure washers are a very good thing to have around if you have a lot of outdoor cleaning to do. They can clean away dirt that no regular garden hose can, and they can also get the job done much faster. All you have to do is make sure that you choose the best commercial pressure washer out there. Granted, there are many choices to make, and various features to choose from – but the right choice can help you clean every area – no matter if it is your backyard, your lab, your worksite, or your car.

Hopefully, our commercial pressure washer reviews have helped you narrow down your choices so that you may buy the perfect unit. Bear in mind that every factor is important – so, if you are planning to invest in such a unit, extensive research is the key. If you want to learn more about commercial pressure washers, we invite you to visit our home page. We will provide all the information that you need.

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